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This is an icon journal belonging to panda0431.
+COMMENT! I love getting feedback on anything I post. Also, please let me know what you will be using.
+CREDIT ME! I always check to make sure I'm given credit. Make sure you credit me, please. How to credit for icons:
Image hosting by Photobucket
+Credit for colorbars and friends only banners where they are posted, and for headers in user info.
+NO HOTLINKING. Save the picture to your computer or upload it to a website. Photobucket and imageshack are both reliable photo hosting websites. Please use the codes given to you from those websites. DO NOT use mine. I also check to see which people hotlink, so don't.
+Do not claim anything as your own.
+Feel free to add this journal to your friends list :)
flowers_stills: 1st. Mod's choice. Mod's choice. 2nd. 3rd. 3rd. 2nd.

kcicontest: 1st. 1st. 1st. 3rd. 1st. 1st.

indie_stills: 3rd. 1st. 3rd. 3rd.

maximo_icontest: 2nd.

friendsicontest: Best text. Best text. 1st. Mod's choice.

franzicontest: 3rd.
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